Turning Your Home Into A Vacation Rental

Turning Your Home Into A Vacation Rental

Your Aspen Snowmass luxury home is in one of the best vacation destinations in the country.

U.S. News and World Report ranks Aspen as:

  • #3 in Best Luxury Destinations in the USA
  • #5 in Best Places to Visit in Colorado
  • #6 in Best Ski Destinations in the USA
  • #10 in Best Ski Destinations
  • #10 in Best Small Towns to Visit in the USA
  • #12 in Best Romantic Getaways in the USA
  • #16 in Best Honeymoon Destinations in the USA

Those are compelling reasons to turn your Aspen luxury home into a vacation rental.

Here’s one more: Aspen Resort Luxury Rentals can help you do it. Our homeowner rental services include a full roster of support, from advertising and promoting your property to tenant screening and selection.

Vacation Rental

This 4-bedroom ski-in/ski-out home is located slope side on Aspen Mountain. Its charming interior checks all the boxes for luxurious Aspen vacation home.

Here’s a handy overview of how to turn your Aspen house or condo into a vacation rental.

Survey Your Area

First determine if your home is located in a rentable area. Are other vacation rentals located in or near your neighborhood? Is your property comparable in terms of type of home, size, and amenities? How close is your home to sought-after attractions like Aspen’s ski mountains could your home be considered a ski in ski out rental? Is your home near popular vacation attractions and activities in Aspen Snowmass?

Apply for Permits and Licenses

Check with your local government to find out which rules and regulations apply to your property. You may be required to get a vacation rental permit and/or a business license.

Key Resources: Learn about how getting a vacation rental license from the City of Aspen. Homeowners in Snowmass Village are required to obtain a business license for short-term rentals of 30 days or less.

Decide When You Want to Rent Out Your Home

You might want to turn your luxury property into a permanent rental. Or you might want to rent out your home for a few weeks out of the year or perhaps a season.

If you plan to live in your home and rent it out periodically, it’s good to know that Aspen Snowmass is a popular year-round destination. Our vacation guides show that there’s plenty to attraction vacationers in every season of the year.

Check Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Review your homeowners insurance policy to find out if you need additional coverage. Depending on your policy, you may need landlord’s insurance if you plan to go beyond short-term rentals. Check with your insurance company to find out if you need a separate policy.

Get Your Home Ready to Rent

Your luxry home will need top-to-bottom, inside-to-outside prepping before you list it.

Start by making sure home systems like heating and AC are in good working order. Make sure you complete any maintenance or repairs before renters arrive.

Ensure that furniture and beds are comfortable and clean. Go room by room and make sure everything is clean and neat from floors to ceilings. Each time you rent out your home, it should be as clean and spotless as top-rated hotel room.

Make sure all appliances work. Test them out. Wash and dry a load of laundry and run the dishwasher. Make sure the stove, dishwasher, and other kitchen appliances are in perfect working order.

Make sure your home has working smoke detectors. Your local fire department can advise you on how many smoke detectors you need and where to place them.

Consider installing smart-home systems. Renters will appreciate systems that make their vacation seamless and problem-free. These conveniences will make your life easier, too. Consider installing:

  • a keypad entry system or wifi locks to prevent lost or misplaced keys
  • an app-based garage door opener
  • a smart-home monitoring system like Nest to maintain thermostats, smoke detectors, security cameras, and other home security needs
  • a wall safe for your renters’ use

Provide a home guide. Assemble a home guide with information your renters will need. Include items like the wifi password, parking directions, trash and recycling instructions, grill instructions, and directions to operate the TV. Be sure to include locations and addresses of grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, and vets, if you allow pets in your home. Nice extras are restaurant recommendations and a map.

Stock your home for your rental guests. Equip your home with everything your rental guests will need. The kitchen should be fully stocked with plates, utensils, cooking equipment, and kitchen gear like towels, sponges, and potholders. Make sure the bathroom is fully equipped with bathroom tissue, hand soap, and shampoo. Don't forget essentials like laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, and dishwash liquid. Your guests will be delighed with staples like coffee, tea, sugar, milk, and other basic grocery items.

Supply plenty of towels. Be sure to provide at least two towels per person. Store extra towels in a place where your renters can find them. Towels should be supplies in all sizes from washcloths to hand towels to full-size bath towels. Hint: Avoid white towels. Colored towels are much easier to launder.

Find Renters

We can help you advertise promote your rental property. Contact us for help with any of the following:

  • high-quality photographs. They should include the exterior and all interior rooms.
  • a written description of your property and its features. We know how to create property descriptions that showcase the unique attributes of your property.
  • online and print listings.
Aspen Snowmass Vacation Rental

Professional, high-quality photos will showcase the unique amenities and glorious setting of your Aspen Snowmass vacation home.

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